Haakaa Orthodontic Nipple Cap

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The Generation 3 Orthodontic Nipple Replacement Cap fits over the top of your Gen. 2 Orthodontic Bottle Nipple to stop dust and other airbourne nasties from settling on the silicone teat between uses.

Key Features:

Clean & Care:

  • Wash before and after each use.
  • Although dishwasher safe, we recommend washing in warm, soapy water and rinsing and drying thoroughly.
  • Do not use any bleach-based cleaners or tablets to sterilise or clean your Haakaa products.
  • To sterilise, use a steam steriliser or boil in water for 2-3 minutes.
  • Check product condition regularly. Replace if this product shows any signs of damage.
  • Do not store near any sharp objects.
  • Only soft bristle brushes or soft sponges should be used to clean this product.
  • Hard scourers may scratch the surface.
  • Store product in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

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More info:

  • BPA Free.