Teether & Pacifier

As a mother you know that plastic has increasingly been proven to leach toxic particles, particularly when exposed to high temperatures, which is often the case with sterilizing or even dishwashing. Enter the Haakaa Nanosilver Silicone Pacifier, the innovative pacifier that eliminates the need for sterilizing completely!

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Nanosilver silicone is a natural method of maintaining cleanliness of up to 99.9% without additional disinfection by boiling or sterilising. It prevents secondary virus inflammation by controlling germs and acting as an anti-bacterial agent. In addition, the Haakaa Nanosilver Silicone Pacifier’s U-shaped design promotes natural breathing through the nose and is ergonomically designed to not leave marks around the mouth. Suitable from children from 3 months +, the Haakaa Nanosilver Dummy will give you peace of mind and make your daily life that little bit easier!

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